New Zealand Scampi Size 2 - 2kg

₫3.836.000 Available

New Zealand Scampi is a rare type of prawns that is sought after by chefs on the market today. Not only does it taste delicious, this seafood is also popular with many people because of its high nutritional content and is very good for health.

About New Zealand Scampi Shrimp

A species of prawn caught completely naturally on the clean blue seabed of New Zealand, at depths from 200 to 800m. A Scampi crayfish has a length of 25 -30cm, an average weight of 25g to 150g, and is completely wild.

New Zealand Scampi has a pink-white shell with dark orange stripes. The two claws are long, curved and have spikes. The prawn meat is pearly white, sweet, firm and rich in ocean flavor.

New Zealand Scampi is famous for its pure white seafood flavor, chewy meat, firm texture and characterized by its sparkling orange-pink shell. Scampi is best when prepared as Sashimi or retains the same texture and flavor for Japanese-style Sushi dishes.

Nutritional value


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